41 Fitness Instructors Participate in a (Fitness Diploma) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

12 April 2019, Friday

Jeddah city in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has hosted a "Fitness Diploma" for the first time, run under the supervision of Fitness Pioneers Academy and Dar Al - Hekma University representing the Saudi Side while Kazan Cooperative University from the Republic of Tatarstan has represented the Russian Side. The diploma is being well- organized, started on March 14th and finishes by April 20th 2019 for 80 training hours in total. The number of participants reached 41 trainers received a certificate from the Russian Side by the end of the Diploma. 

This diploma has proven itself to be a very successful case and ought to be continued in the framework of the business sports session «Russia - OIC Sports Tandem: Experience, Champion, Opportunity for the Record Holder» at the XI International Economic Summit «Russia - Islamic World: Kazan Summit 2019», April 24-26, 2019.

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