Anastasia Fesikova wins 50m backstroke race at Russian Short Course Swimming Championship

11 November 2018, Sunday

Anastasia Fesikova, representing Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug and Kaluga Oblast, took gold in the 50m backstroke race at the Russian Short Course Swimming Championship in Kazan (26.94).

“My result wasn’t as good as I expected. I worked on my speed overcoming the 50m race. The 100m turned out to be more successful. I have won. Of course, that’s great. Not everyone succeed in the final. That was my day. I hope to speed up at the World Championship”, noted Anastasia.  

Maria Kameneva, representing Saint Petersburg and Orenburg Oblast, became a silver medallist (27.03). Nadezhda Vinyukova from Saint Petersburg and Marina Kravchenko from Volgograd Oblast (27.10) took bronze.

Mikhail Vekovischev from Kaluga Oblast won the 50m butterfly race (22.72). “In my youth I preferred dolphin style swimming, won the Russian Championship, represented Russia in Europe”, the athlete admitted. “I swim the crawl, but still do not forget about dolphin style swimming. At the Russian Championship, I try to swim that style and do quite well. 

Team from Sverdlovsk Oblast, represented by Anastasia Kirpichnikova, Daria Ustinova, Daria Mullakaeva, and Valeria Salamatina, took gold in the 4x200m freestyle race (7:45.72). Athletes from Samara Oblast, including Irina Krivonogova, Sofia Chichaikina, Olesya Chernyatina, and Anastasia Guzhenkova, ranked second (7:52.27). Team from Moscow, represented by Anna Chernysheva, Olga Turchina, Daria Astanina, and Anastasia Makarova, took bronze (8:14.25). They refreshed a junior record of Russia. 

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